Maw Yow was founded in the July of 1988 and engaged in the production of various kinds of forming punches, parts, tools, and gauges for the use of forging press.

Maw Yow's capital amount is one hundred million New Taiwan dollars, area of factory buildings 27000 square feet, and empolyees about 65 people.

Maw Yow holds Quality and Service as operating doctrines, and "Creating Profits by Reducing Prime Cost" as the priority.



1. In view that Taiwan's forging industry has approached to the developing countries's industrail type making a refined and distinctive tendency on products, and that the market period is not very long, this company adopts three common materials-SKH-9(SKH-51), SKH-55, AH3, and from 5x400mm to 24x400mm, with an 1mm interval, 30 or 10 heat-treated semifinished products are prepared for customers' urgent cases.

2. Maw Yow stores the finished products of punching implement in common use in this company to reduce customer's passure of stucks.

3.Our reserching and developing department is able to design outfits according to individual customer's products, and complete the new design in the shortest time.



This company takes quality as the foremost essential. Over the past ten years, we keep developing new materials. Besides the common materials, such as SKH-9(SKH-51),SKH-55,SKH-59,R-3, for japanese line high speed steel and M2,M35,M42 for American line high speed steel, this company has developed the materials of AH1,AH3,B1,B2,B3,B4,G10,G20,C50, etc. In the light of the diverse stress generating during forging press, a more suitable material should be employed for resistance. Prior to delivery, we examine the goods with the most precise instrument, manage with the most perfect quality control, and expect the best workpiece will become customer's money-making tools.